First love is that one love that remains hitched in our hearts for years to come. It’s the very love that gave you the insight into what a relationship entails. First love is mostly special because it brings back memories of being in love with that special someone who meant the world to you and you meant the world to them.

As you step into the reality of being in love and a relationship for the very first time, you tend to pick up things and learn stuff that, previously, you only knew of as a theory. You finally get to identify the true meaning of being in a loving relationship. So here are 3 points that you would definitely pick out exclusively from your first love as a newbie.

Relationships aren’t fairytales

Photo: AP Photo/Disney Parks Photo Illustration by Annie Leibovitz

Most of us grow up watching cartoons that depict the love between a man and woman to be that of a fairytale. It makes us build unrealistic expectations that relationships work in our favour all the time and is filled with only happiness.

As you enter into your new relationship and when your honeymoon period of getting accustomed to one another gets over, you will realize that falling in love was only the smallest step in making a relationship work. Love makes the world go around but it sadly isn’t enough to make a relationship work if both parties do not dedicate their time and effort into flourishing the bond that they both already share.

You will also come to understand that there will be moments where by an argument would definitely pop up during which there won’t be much happiness. And that’s okay. Arguments and fights are always a great tool to understanding each other better.

You will realize your own relationship has it’s own dynamics and pace. So long you and your partner are comfortable with it, you have gotten yourself a modified version of a fairy tale. A fairy tale that compasses all the tiny bits of reality yet filled with so much love to go around for each other.

Compromise is inevitable

For the longest time, you had no trouble of getting things done in your own particular way and no one ever questioned you. However, as you set foot into a new relationship, you have now opened your space up to be shared with your partner. Now, most decisions you make, might involve them as well. Although we may be tempted to get things through with our preferred ways, we have to hold it there and consider our partner as well.

We got to be sensitive to their needs and wants and adjust our lifestyle and choices to include them. And of course, the same goes out to our partner.

As you learn to share your space and choices with your partner, you will realize how fights could get resolved much more quickly and as we draw conclusions with both parties’ needs and wants included, we have a win-win situation of happiness and overflowing love and joy.

You are indeed worthy of being special

The last one of it all is that our first love teaches us that we, as individuals, are always worthy of love. We are always special. Being with someone and in love, we get to see ourselves in a different light through their eyes. As our partner sees through our flaws and unpleasant moments and still accepts and loves us through it all, we realize that we are not that hard to be loved after all.

And for whatever reasons our first love doesn’t make it through to the end, you remain special and deserving of love always.