The One that Stops At Hello

I would elaborate but that’s all there is to it.


The Self-Conceited

There are 2 types to this guy. The first, starts right after you’re done going back on forth with your hellos and what are you doings (urgh, I know) on the app. The second, however, waits it out a little, seems interested if not a little too much to what you have to say, gets your number and then goes on to make every damn thing in the world about him.

He may text you to ask how your day is going, you reply with a good/bad/alright and just before you can continue perhaps with a little story about how this woman on the bus gave you the death glare for stepping on her foot even after you had apologized, there he goes boasting about his splendid day, how a promotion’s on the horizon and about his plans to move to Canada in 5 years. Bleh.

Now don’t mistake us – girls who refuse to put up with too much vanity in a guy – we like to listen just as much as we talk but a conversation does have to go 2 ways and with Mr Self Conceited, it hardly ever comes back to you.

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The One who Needs to Look For An English Tutor Instead Of A Date

Not to sound like a bitch but heavy grammatical errors being a turnoff is actually a thing. I’m surprised guys don’t realize this, with it being 2016 and smartphones taking over pretty much everything and all? And I’m talking guys in their early/mid 20s. Not that older guys don’t know technology, of course.

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The Nice One

Now, to the girls in their right minds, this guy may be the catch. He listens to you, heck he even remembers stuff from days ago, throws the right number of compliments your way, hardly disagrees with you and you just know it in your gut that he’s being genuine. I hate to admit it but he does, if not only for a second, make you think like you may have found yourself a really great guy.

However, that second passes and some of us lose whatever interest we had for all of 5 minutes. Why, we don’t exactly know but a guy who hangs on our every word never intrigued us. We don’t want to date someone who not only asks us but expects us to enquire if and what he ate 3 times a day because frankly, we couldn’t care less.  “What are you doing”, “How are you” and “Have you eaten” are all for small talk and we hate small talk.

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The Bad One / The One Who’s Bad For You

That hardly ever occurs to us without some situation analysis by our friends. This is the guy that interests you without ever seeming interested (enough) in you. Sure he talks, but is careful not to give too much about himself away easily. He speaks ideas, making his conversations the most riveting compared to the other ones. As weird as it may sound to others, it’s the idea of blurred lines that keep us drawn and we have no idea why ourselves.

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