The Froggies Epic Thailand Adventures: Bungee-Jumping, Paintball and more

Hey world! If you’re looking to include some extreme activities into your Thailand trip then you have come to the right place. Now if you don’t already know, I love to include adventure in my travels. Not that traveling isn’t adventurous enough, I just like to make the best out of my trip and do things that will probably put your life at risk but still return home safe and have a jolly good time. So before I begin to bore you, let’s get on with it. Note that all that I’m going to mention is in Pattaya, Thailand. A 2-hour bus ride from Bangkok East Bus Terminal for $4.60 SGD per pax.
Disclaimer: The things I do may not be suitable if you’re looking at a tight budget travel plan but I believe it ain’t that pricey either. It’s up to your own judgement whether it’s expensive or not. But yes, I try to remain a budget traveler too.


1. What it feels like to be an ‘Angry Bird’

We wanted to be a little crazy for this Thailand trip so we thought, “Why not try some bungee-jumping since Pattaya has it?” And we did. So when we researched on Bungee-Jumping in Pattaya, turns out there’s such thing as a Human Slingshot too. Hence we bought the Full-Monty Package via for $156 SGD per pax. You might think. “Woah! $156 SGD!? Isn’t it expensive?” Actually if you think of it, it’s quite worth it. Hong Kong’s Bungee-Jump alone is about $200+ SGD. Of course it’s higher and better there but if you just want the experience then I’d think it’s pretty worth it.
The package includes:


    • 1 Bungee-jump
    • 1 Human Slingshot
    • Certificate of Courage
    • Insurance
    • Bungy or Slingshot Photo CD
    • Bungy or Slingshot GoPro Helmet Cam
    • Free transfer from hotel and back


Fly birdy fly!


2. Counter-Terrorists Win!

When we went for the Bungee-Jump, little did we know that the area was filled with activities. There was Bungee-Jumping, Human Slingshots, a Paintball Park and even a Go-Kart Circuit. So of course being adrenaline junkies, we wanted to try them all. But unfortunately, we didn’t go for the Go-Kart because it was rather expensive to us. It was $16 – $24 SGD depending on which Go-Kart you choose and you get to drive it for only 10 minutes! It wasn’t worth it for us and besides we have done it before at a cheaper price elsewhere. Hence we skipped that and went to shoot some paint balls instead.
The rate stated at the Paintball Park counter was $24 SGD for 100 balls per pax. But we managed to talk our way into getting 110 balls for the same price. They do provide the relevant gear for you to change into but we brought our own. The game we played most for the paintball was ‘Capture The Flag’. The objective of the game was just to grab the opponent’s flag from their base, a simple game.


We will find you and we will kill you.


3. Coral Island has no corals

Last but not least we visited an off-shore island called Coral Island. We paid $24 SGD per pax for a boat ride there and lunch. We basically just chilled out, bathed in the sun and snorkeled a bit over there. Why do I say that Coral Island has no corals? Cause when we snorkeled on our own, there was nothing but sand underwater. A bit of a disappointment but it was alright, we had fun anyways. There are other activities around the off-shore island actually but we basically did something similar before so we skipped it. There were activities like Para-sailing, underwater walks and diving.


So that’s about it and I hope this post helps you get a better idea on what we did and how you can include it in your trip next time. If it did help, do like and share it with your friends! Spread the love for Adventure & Travel!


– Tan Yiren Theodore –



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