Listen up, everyone has their dreams and aspirations. Whether it is getting accepted to your top-choice university or travelling the world, or something simple like being with the person you love. But the sad truth is that sometimes, things don’t work out the way you want. As cliché as it sounds – that’s life. It’s meant to be imperfect, and fragile – as delicate as a rose petal, not set in stone. I don’t want you to romanticise pain or hurt, but find the beauty in the ruckus, or try at least.

Things change, maybe it was you that changed. That is not a bad thing unless you forcefully allow yourself to believe that. Don’t worry, you’re not the only one with broken dreams, and diminished hopes. But hey, it’s only temporary and impermanent, just like everything else around you.

Having said that, it is not an invitation for your mind to go roaming into the dark abyss that is overthinking. It is not necessary to over-analyze every bad or good situation that you’re in. Maybe what you thought would happen, didn’t happen. But that’s okay, that feeling won’t last forever, it’s up to you whether you let it make you or break you.

Don’t create problems that aren’t there. You don’t deserve that.

The sad truth is that there are going to be days where you will feel like your entire world is falling apart and you can’t do anything about it. And it will feel awful. The pain will seem like it will never end because it’s gnawing on your insides and your rib-cage cannot protect your heart anymore. You are going to just want to shut the chaotic, clamoured world, turn your phone off and stay in bed. You will want to cut people off. And you will drown in your thoughts.

Although, whilst you do this – I urge you to keep in mind all the good things you have in your life. Your family – yes, they can be a pain in the ass sometimes but, you love them no matter what. Your friends – the ones that make you laugh till your stomach aches (ironically, they say laughter is the best medicine?), and make you regret even sending those embarrassing snapchats but you can’t imagine a day without them. All the good memories you have with people, in different places, all accumulating to make your life unique.

Everyone says “life is like a roller coaster” – there are up’s and down’s, and they’re so right. You have your whole life ahead of you to make stupid, reckless decisions and then wake up the next morning feeling awful about it – it’s an emotional hangover, sure. But, don’t waste your youth, please. Live your life to its fullest, you owe yourself that much – for all that you do for everyone around you. Smile every now and then, it looks better on you, as opposed to the frown you enjoy carrying sometimes. Things are going to go wrong but, they won’t stay that way forever. It’s impermanent, remember? Don’t bother overthinking it, go with the flow – it’ll save you the stress.

p.s. – have some faith in yourself, let life do its thing and everything will work out the way it’s meant to, don’t worry.