It seems like every Indian parent wants their child to be either a doctor, engineer or lawyer. It’s the Golden Combination. If they have three children, they could have all three in the family – even better. And there’s nothing wrong with that. Doctors, engineers and lawyers are the society’s support system. Their contributions to the community are certainly needed. However, youngsters shouldn’t be made to feel like they have a limited choice of career options. If being a doctor, engineer or lawyer is a dream the kids themselves have, then that’s great! If they want to be something else – a painter, a florist, a teacher, they should be allowed to.

Parents always want the best for their kid and this Golden Combination is indeed a symbol of greatness. However, Indian parents need to realise that greatness is so much more than holding a prestigious title. One can be a great painter, a great florist, a great teacher too – respect can still be earned, and the family can still have something to be proud of.

Moreover in this day and time, things have changed. In the past, professions such as music and writing may have been deemed to be risky and chances of succeeding in these fields may have seemed low. However, technology has made it easier to succeed in these fields. Heck, technology has made it easier to succeed in almost everything. Being discovered for your talents has become as easy as uploading pictures online.

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If you’re pretty and want to try out for acting or modelling opportunities, just upload pictures of yourself and you might just be the next superstar. If you want to be the next J.K.Rowling, just start your writing career by starting a blog. If your blog gets enough eyes, even if you don’t become an author, you might become a successful lifestyle blogger. You might become the next Xiaxue or Ladyironchef, earning big bucks doing what you love. Want a music career? There’s Youtube right there, waiting for you to upload videos of yourself. Maybe Simon Cowell or Scooter Braun will discover you. Even if you want to do something like Balloon Art, the Internet can help you to get discovered and become successful.

Just look at Lilly Singh for example. She’s an Indian who has taken the Internet by storm and there’s no stopping for her. She has attained success for herself, and made her parents very proud I’m sure, even though she didn’t take the “normal route.” It’s time Indian parents become more supportive of their kids no matter what career they want to pursue. Most people succeed in a field which actually interests them. There are too many people out there right now doing jobs that they do not love – perhaps someone had once discouraged them from dreaming. Perhaps their parents once told them that their dream of being the next NBA player is basically just a dream and so they never practiced or pushed themselves to their fullest potential.

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Parents are very important in shaping us and our future. I urge parents out there, not just Indian ones, to wake up and realise that what really matters is that your child is happy. Let them be what they want. I want to end this article with a note of thank you to my mom, who’s been very supportive and never pressurised me to be somebody I am not interested in being.